Mobile App Developer
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Mobile App Developer
Wonksknow India, a subsidiary of Wonksknow LLC USA, is looking for highly energetic and talented software developers to work on development of promising and innovative EdOptim and RaiseHand branded software applications. Wonksknow is very selective and the acceptance rate for this profile is less than 5%. If required, rigorous training is provided to the selected candidates. This is a full time role. Wonksknow developer salaries are very competitive.
Key Responsibilities: Contribute in various EdOptim and RaiseHand software development projects which includes products for Education, Human Resources and web conferencing solutions.
Excellent communication skills. Excellent clarity of thought.
Someone who can explain complex concepts in simple ways.
Will need to be incredibly patient.
Incredible customer service skills.
Familiarity with at least one object oriented programming language.
Knowledge of Java, Android development, Objective C, iOS Development, Flutter is preferred but not required.
4 years Bachelor's degree in a technical field or a Master's degree in any Science, Mathematics or Technical fields is required.
Flexible to work in morning, evening and night shifts.
Ability to self-learn, Confident and friendly.
Bangalore, India
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