Python Trainer and Developer
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Python Trainer and Developer
WonksKnow Technologies India Private Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of WonksKnow LLC based in Pleasanton, California - USA. We are involved in developing cutting edge technologies that will revolutionize and enhance the efficient delivery of education. YoungWonks is a leading computer science program for kids and teens available in onsite and online formats. Our program uses Python programming language as a medium to convey computer science and electronic principles. YoungWonks looking for freshers and experienced Computer Science graduates who are passionate about changing the world by giving Kids and Teens access to very high quality Computer Science education while parallelly working on promising and unique in market Software products. YoungWonks is very selective and acceptance rate for this profile is less than 5% as rigorous training is provided to the selected candidates. Our programs for students are primarily based on: Python Programming, latest micro-computers/microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, Teensy and array of sensors such as cameras, infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopic sensors, etc. We also teach 3D modeling and printing. This is a full time role. YoungWonks trainer cum developer salaries are very competitive.
Excellent communication skills. Excellent clarity of thought.
Someone who can explain complex concepts in simple ways.
Excellent listening skills.
Will need to be incredibly patient.
Incredible customer service skills.
Keen attention to detail.
Familiarity with at least one object oriented programming language.
Knowledge of Java, Android development, Objective C, iOS Development, Flutter is preferred but not required.
4 years Bachelor's degree in a technical field or a Master's degree in any Science, Mathematics or Technical fields is required.
Flexible to work in morning, evening and night shifts.
Ability to self-learn.
Confident and friendly.
Bangalore, India
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