Coding Instructor for Kids (Part time - evenings or weekends)
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Coding Instructor for Kids (Part time - evenings or weekends)
Our YoungWonks division is looking for individuals who are passionate about changing the world by giving Kids and Teens access to very high quality Computer Science education. Our programs are primarily based on: Python Programming, latest micro-computers/micro-controllers such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, Teensy and array of sensors such as cameras, infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopic sensors, etc. We also teach 3D modeling and printing. This is a part time position either on weekday evenings or on weekends.
Be mission driven and have a feeling that they have a calling to teach.
Incredible listening and explaining skills.
Good analytical bent of mind.
Familiarity with at least with one object oriented programming language.
Knowledge of Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Flask preferred but not required .
If required free training will be offered to right candidates.
Pleasanton, CA
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