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We're a technology company solving today's problems with tomorrow's solutions.

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YoungWonks's goal is to provide exceptional Computer Science knowledge to kids & teens

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9+ years of success
attended by thousands
of students

WASC accredited


prestigious colleges

Our students have been
admitted into prestigious
colleges like MIT

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EdOptim LMS

In order to provide
exceptional CS knowledge to
kids, we came up with our
own solutions. One of those
is EdOptim: an AI-powered
Learning Management

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Vinterview video round

Developing cutting-edge
software implied finding the
right talent world-wide.
Doing this felt like finding a
needle in a haystack. This is
where Vinterview came into

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College dev app

We started noticing that
students were acquiring
incredible skills, but they
were not getting noticed by
employers. College.dev is an
app that filled in this gap.

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1 to 1 teacher student ProWonks

Computer Science program
for adults with
one-on-one mentorship.

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Want to help us build
transformative and
impactful software?

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